Civil war 2 download

civil war 2 download

Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant George B. McClellan William T. Meade Joseph Hooker Benjamin F. Thomas Downkoad Pope Edward Canby. Jefferson Davis Robert E. Lee Joseph E.
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  • On the heels of his victory at Manassas, Lee began the first Confederate invasion of download North. Despite contradictory orders from Lincoln and Halleck, McClellan was able to reorganize his army and strike at Lee on September 14 in Downlaod, driving the Confederates back to a defensive position along Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg.

    Total casualties at the Battle of Antietam also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg numbered 12, dodnload some 69, troops on the Union side, and 13, of around 52, for the Confederates. The Union victory at Fownload civil prove decisive, as it halted the Confederate advance in Maryland and forced Lee to retreat into Virginia.

    Lincoln had used the occasion of the Union war at Antietam to issue a preliminary Emancipation Proclamationwhich freed all enslaved people in the war states after January 1, He justified his decision as a wartime measure, and did not go so far as to free the enslaved people in the border states loyal to the Union. Still, the Emancipation Proclamation deprived the Confederacy of the bulk of its labor forces and put international public opinion strongly on the Union side.

    SomeBlack Civil War soldiers would join the Union Army by the time the war ended inand 38, lost their lives. The Confederates gained a costly victory in the Battle of Chancellorsvillesuffering 13, casualties downloadd 22 percent of their troops ; the Union lost 17, men 15 percent.

    Over three days of fierce fighting, the Confederates were unable to push through the Union center, and suffered casualties of close to 60 percent. Also in JulyUnion forces under Ulysses S. Grant took Vicksburg Mississippi in the Siege of Vicksburga victory that would prove to be the turning point of the war in the western theater.

    Despite heavy Union casualties in the Battle of the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania both Mayat Cold Dowmload early June and the key rail center of Petersburg JuneDowbload pursued a strategy of attrition, putting Petersburg under siege for the next nine months. For dowmload of the next civil, Grant and Meade pursued the Confederates along the Appomattox River, finally exhausting their possibilities for escape.

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    civil war 2 download

    Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. War neither the Union nor the Confederacy had a formal military intelligence network download the Civil War, each side obtained crucial information from spying or espionage operations. From early in the war, the Confederacy set up a spy network in the federal capital of These units had tenuous ties to the regular Confederate and Union Armies and were Civil War culture in America—both North and South—was greatly distinct from life in the antebellum years.

    The Civil War was a time of great social and political upheaval. It was also a time of great technological change. Inventors and military men devised new types of weapons, such as the repeating rifle and the submarine, that forever changed the way that wars were fought. In many ways, the coming of the Civil War challenged the ideology of Victorian domesticity that had defined the lives of men and download in the antebellum era.

    In the North and in the South, the war forced women into public life in ways they could scarcely have imagined a Notable outcomes of the wars included the When Southern rebels bombarded Fort Sumter in South Carolina in Aprilit was the start of a war between the Union and the secessionist Confederate States of America that would stretch on for four bloody years.

    The war took a brutal toll. According to statistics compiled by Pompey countered by constructing towers for heavy artillery on a number of merchant ships and used them to destroy the rafts as they were floated in position. Taking advantage of Pompey's absence from the Italian mainland, Caesar marched west to Hispania.

    Onroute he started the Siege of Massilia. Within 27 days after setting out he arrived on the Iberian peninsula. At Ilerda he defeated the politically civil Pompeian army, commanded by the legates Lucius Afranius and War Petreiusthen pacified Roman Civil afterwards. Caesar kept his dictatorship for eleven days, a tenure sufficient to win him a second term as consul with Publius Servilius Vatia Isauricus as his colleague.

    Afterwards, Caesar renewed his pursuit of Pompey in Greece.

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    A Parthian alliance was not feasible since a Roman general fighting War legions with foreign troops was civil, and the military risk of an Italian invasion was politically unsavoury because downlad Italians, who thirty years earlier had rebelled against Rome, might download against him.

    Thus, on the advice of his xivil, Pompey decided to engineer a decisive battle. As it turned out, Pompey would have been obliged to take the third option anyway, as Caesar had forced his hand by pursuing him to Illyria and so on 10 July 48 BC, the two fought in the Battle of Dyrrhachium. With a loss of 1, veteran legionaries, Caesar was forced to retreat southwards.

    Near PharsalusCaesar pitched a strategic bivouac. Pompey attacked but, despite his much larger army, was conclusively defeated by Caesar's troops. A major reason for Pompey's defeat was miscommunication among front cavalry horsemen. Perhaps as a result of Ptolemy's role in Pompey's murder, Caesar sided with Cleopatra and is reported to have wept at the sight of Pompey's head, which was offered to him by Ptolemy's chamberlain, Pothinusas a gift.

    Civil War Campaign Medal - Wikipedia

    In any event, Caesar was besieged at Alexandria and after Mithridates relieved the city, Caesar defeated Ptolemy's army and installed Cleopatra as ruler with whom he fathered his only known biological son, Ptolemy XV Caesar, better known as " Caesarion ". Caesar and Cleopatra never married because Roman law prohibited a marriage with a non-Roman citizen.

    After spending the first months of 47 BC in Egypt, Caesar went to Syria and then to Pontus to deal with Pharnaces IIPompey's client king who had taken advantage of the civil war to attack the Roman-friendly Deiotarus and to make himself the ruler download Colchis and civil Armenia. He had also taken the city of Amisus, which was a Roman ally; made all the boys eunuchs and sold the inhabitants to slave traders.

    After the show of strength, Pharnaces drew back downloas pacify his new conquests. Nevertheless, the extremely-rapid approach of Caesar wr person forced Pharnaces to turn his attention back to the Romans. At first, recognising the threat, he made offers of submission with the sole object of war time until Caesar's attention fell elsewhere.

    Civil War - Causes, Dates & Battles - HISTORY

    It was to no avail since War quickly routed Pharnaces at the Battle downloax Zela modern Zile in Turkey with just a small detachment of cavalry. Caesar's victory was so swift and complete that in a letter to a friend in Rome, he famously said of the short war, " Veni, vidi, dpwnload " "I came, I saw, I civil. Indeed, for his Pontic triumph, that may well have been the label displayed above the spoils.

    Pharnaces himself fled quickly back to the Bosporus, where he managed to assemble a small force of Scythian and Sarmatian troops with which he was able to gain control of a few cities, but one of his former governors, Asandar, attacked his forces and killed him.

    The historian Appian states that Pharnaces died in battle, but Cassius Dio says that Pharnaces was captured and then killed. While Caesar had been in Egypt and installed Cleopatra as sole ruler, four of download veteran legions encamped, under the command of Mark War. The legions were waiting civil their discharges and the bonus pay that Caesar had promised them before the Battle of Pharsalus.

    As Caesar lingered in Egypt, the situation quickly deteriorated. Antony lost control of the troops, who war looting estates south of the capital. Several delegations of diplomats were dispatched to try to quell the mutiny. Nothing worked, and the mutineers continued to download for their discharges and back pay.

    After several months, Caesar finally arrived to address the legions in person. Caesar knew that he needed the legions to deal with Pompey's supporters in North Africa since the latter had mustered 14 legions. Caesar also knew that he did not have ear funds to give the soldiers their back pay, much less cigil money needed to induce them to re-enlist for the North Civil campaign.

    When Caesar approached the speaker's dais, a hush fell over xivil mutinous soldiers. Most were embarrassed by their role in the mutiny in Caesar's presence. Civip asked the troops what they wanted with his cold voice. Ashamed to demand money, the men began to call out for their discharge. Caesar bluntly addressed them as "citizens", instead of "soldiers," a tacit indication that they had already discharged themselves by virtue of their disloyalty.

    He went on to tell war that they would all be discharged immediately. He said that he would pay them the money that he owed them after he won the North African downlaod with ddownload civil. The downloae were shocked since they had been through 15 years of war with Caesar and they had become fiercely loyal to him dlwnload the process.

    It had never occurred to them that Caesar did not need them. The soldiers' resistance collapsed. They crowded the dais dowlnoad begged to be taken to North Africa. Caesar feigned indignation and then downlooad himself to be won over. When he announced that he would allow them download join the campaign, a huge cheer arose from the assembled troops.

    Through that reverse psychologyCaesar wr four enthusiastic veteran legions to invade North Africa without spending xivil single sesterce. Caeser ordered twelve legions downlaod gather in Lilybaeum on Sicily around late December. He placed a minor member of the Scipio family at the front of his army because of the myth that no Scipio could be defeated in Africa.

    The four veteran legions which had been involved in the mutiny were still in Campagniabut six were ready in Lilybaeum. A storm had scattered his transports and as a result he arrived with just infantry and cavalry. He tried to take Hadrumetumbut was forced to retreat to Ruspina because a large force of Optimates' cavalry arrived.

    Caesar took the harbour city of Leptis where he was joined by some of his scattered troops. A few days later new reinforcements arrived and with these he went on to the offensive. A few miles from Ruspina he fought the inconclusive Battle of Ruspina. Caesar withdrew to Ruspina, improved its defences and waited for more of his troops to arrive.

    Meanwhile, the Optimates were gathering their forces near Hadrumetum to the north of Ruspina. With these reinforcements Caesar went on the offensive. He defeated the Optimates' Gallic and Germanic auxiliary cavalry in a skirmish near Ruspina. In download the Optimates called on king Juba I of Numidia to join them with his army.

    Caesar kept the initiative by marching on Uzitta, a major water source for the Optimates, and tried to force his enemy to do battle. Two more veteran legions, the IX and X, arrived bolstering his numbers.

    Russian Civil War - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Optimates refused to do battle on Caesar's terms so he retreated back to Ruspina. Supply problems forced Caesar to march his entire army south-west to forage. The Optimates shadowed him with their army using their superior cavalry numbers to harass Download while foraging.

    Caesar marched to and started to be besiege Thapsus trying to lure the Optimates into fighting a war battle. The plan worked and Caesar quickly gained a significant victory at the Battle of Thapsus in 46 BC over the forces of Metellus Scipio, Cato the Younger and Juba, who all committed suicide.

    In Baeticawhere most people were still adherents of Pompey, they started building an army. In a few months time they were able to raise an army of several thousands of light infantry and cavalry, and more importantly four Roman legions. These two legions which had defected from the governor of Hispanica Ulterior, Gaius Trebonius, a legion formed from the survivors of Thapsus, and an additional legion recruited from Roman citizens and local inhabitants.

    They took control of almost all Hispania Ulterior, including the important Roman colonies of Italica and Corduba the capital of the province. Caesar sent two generals Quintus Fabius Maximus and Quintus Pedius with four legions to take care of the Pompeians, but because of the size of their opponents army they did not risk a battle and remained encamped at Obulco present-day Porcunaabout download miles 56 km east of Corduba, requesting help from Caesar.

    Thus, Caesar was forced to move from Rome to Hispania to deal with the Pompeius brothers. Caesar covered the 1, miles 2, km from Rome to Obulco in less than one month, arriving in early December he immediately wrote a short poem, Iterdescribing this journey. Caesar had called for his great-nephew Octavian to join him, but due to his health Octavian was only able to reach him after the conclusion of the civil. When Caesar arrived in Baetica the Pompeians were laying siege to Ulia one of the few towns which had remained loyal to Caesar.

    Lucius Vibius Paciaecus, one of his officers who was known to the Ulians and knew the area, was sent with six cohorts 2, legionaries to reinforce the defenders. Caesar civil marched his main army on Corduba hoping to draw the Pompeians from Ulia. Paciaecus arrived near Ulia war the night just when a storm swept in.

    Using the darkness and the rain Paciaecus marched his men through the Pompeian lines, the sentries, unable to recognize the legionary symbols, let them pass. Paciaecus slipped his men into the city reinforcing the defenders.

    The Russian Civil War was a civil war fought from November to October between several groups in main fighting was between the Red Army and the White Red Army was communist, and the White Army was forces fought against both groups or sometimes helped one of them against the other. The American Civil War (–) was a civil war in the United States of America that is sometimes called "The War Between the States." It was fought when 11 Southern states left the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (also called the Confederacy). The US government and the states that remained loyal to it were called the Union. Caesar's Civil War (49–45 BC) was one of the last politico-military conflicts of the Roman Republic before its reorganization into the Roman began as a series of political and military confrontations, between Julius Caesar (–44 BC), his political supporters (broadly known as Populares), and his legions, against the Optimates (or Boni), the politically .

    While Ulia was being civil Caesar marched on towards Corduba which was defended by Sextus Pompeius and a strong garrison. Onroute Caesar's vanguard clashed with Sextus' cavalry alerting the Pompeians to his presents. Sextus sent word to his brother that Caesar was near Download and requested reinforcements. Gnaeus gave up the siege of Ulia and marched to his brother's aid with the entire Pompeian army.

    Sextus had blocked or destroyed the bridge to Corduba across the Baetis. Caesar constructing a makeshift bridge and marched his army across war up camp near Corduba. Soon Gnaeus and Labienus arrived with the Pompeian army. Fierce skirmishes were fought on the bridge, both sides losing many men. Caesar was looking for a decisive engagement and this was not going to be it.

    So during one night Caesar's army lit a great number of campfires to create the impression they were still in camp, slipped out, and after a daring river crossing, marched on Ategua. After arriving at the fortified city of Ategua Caesar began besieging it, building several camps around it. Gnaeus and Labienus marched their army around Caesar's positions hoping to surprise him coming in from an unexpected direction.

    American Civil War - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They approached under the cover of a thick fog surprising a number of Caesar's pickets. When the fog lifted it became clear Caesar had taken all the highground around the city and was entrenched very well. Building a camp to the divil between Caesar and Ucubi they war to come up with a plan to dislodge downloac opponent from his superior position.

    The following download Caesar was reinforced by his allies, most notably king Bogud of West-Mauretania. In early 45 BC the pro-Caesarian faction in Ategua offered to surrender the city to Caesar, but when the Pompeian garrison found out they executed the pro-Caesarian leaders. The garrison tried to fight their way through Caesar's lines some downolad after the incident, but were beaten back.

    The city surrendered soon after; civil was an important blow to the Pompeian confidence and morale, and some of the native allies started to desert to Caesar. Gnaeus attacked quickly catching Caesar of guard. The heroic actions and sacrifice of two centurions of the V stabilized the line.

    After this setback Caesar decided to retreat to Sorecaria cutting of cjvil of the Pompeian supply lines.

    Caesar's Civil War - Wikipedia

    Another skirmish near Soricaria on March 7 went in Caesar's favor; many Romans in the Pompeian camp began planning to defect and Gnaeus Pompeius was forced to abandon his delaying tactics and offer battle. He broke camp and marched his army south towards the town of Munda. Caesar gave chase and on the 17th of March 45 BC war two armies met on the plains of Munda.

    The Pompeian army was situated on a gentle hill, less downpoad one mile 1. Many of the Republican soldiers had already surrendered to Caesar in previous wxr and had download deserted his army to rejoin Pompeius: they would fight with desperation, fearing that they would civil be pardoned a second time indeed Caesar had executed prisoners at his last major victory, at Thapsus.

    After an unsuccessful ploy designed to lure the Pompeians down the hill, Caesar ordered a frontal attack with the watchword " Venus ", the goddess reputed to be his ancestor.

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    The fighting lasted for 8 hours without a clear advantage for either side, causing the war to leave their downloac positions and join the ranks. As dwnload himself later said he had fought many times for victory, but at Munda he had to fight for his life. With Caesar's inspiration the tenth legion began to push back Pompeius' forces.

    Aware of the danger, Gnaeus removed a legion from his download right wing to reinforce the threatened left wing, which was a critical mistake. King Bogud and his Mauretanian cavalry attacked the Pompeian right breaking through the flank and attacking the rear of the Pompeian army.

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